Turnkey construction & maintenance contractor for your retail foods business

Finish projects faster. Maximize ROI. Minimize customer disruptions.

Are you under pressure to finish more construction projects, faster?

inside of a store

Are you tired of contractors who cut corners and deliver sloppy work?

Does construction inconvenience customers?

Are you worried about customer and employee safety?

Is compliance a big sticking point for your construction projects?

At Essential Construction, we believe in doing the job right the first time. That way, you get a better finished product, faster completion, fewer disruptions, and maximum ROI.

You don’t need to juggle multiple contractors or struggle with customer satisfaction.

Use one contractor, not eight

Keep customers safe

Finish projects on time

Maintain ADA compliance

Ensure quality workmanship

Resolve facility audit issues

Minimize disruptions to shopping

Enjoy positive ROI from construction

Pass your health inspection

Stop worrying about quality, timing, and safety

How to ensure faster, safer, and better construction projects:


Schedule a call with us.

We’ll discuss your project, your construction goals, and your priorities.


Get an achievable plan.

After learning about your project, we’ll deliver a construction plan and an estimate.


Enjoy better ROI.

Finish on time while ensuring customer safety and your satisfaction.

These businesses are glad they hired Essential Construction


What if you could get higher quality work and use fewer contractors?

At Essential, our team handles the entire project from beginning to end. Our standards are also ridiculously high, so you won’t have to worry about sloppy work or cut corners. Here’s what that means for you:

Less time finding contractors

Zero scheduling conflicts

Ongoing, reliable communication

Simpler, well managed, less stressful construction projects

Quality, compliant, reliable workmanship


Are you worried about safety hazards?

So are we. That’s why we go out of our way to:

Stay 100% compliant with job site safety regulations

Minimize hazards to you, your customers, and our team

Eliminate slip, fall, and trip hazards during construction

Maintain a clean job site throughout the project

Here’s how we make construction a better experience for you and your customers

Consistently high-quality workmanship

Safe job sites that don’t put customers at risk

100% compliant construction

Fast turnaround time for every project

Turnkey service that covers everything

Minimal disruptions to your shopping experience

You shouldn’t have to worry about timing, quality, and safety. Ever.

We know how hard it is to oversee construction in the retail foods world. You’ve got to manage multiple contractors, schedule your projects, and ensure customer safety. At the same time, you need to maintain a top-notch shopping experience.

That’s really hard to do. But we can make it easy.

The Essential Construction management team has over 50 years of retail food construction experience. We know what it’s like to wonder how you’ll ever get everything done – and done right.

That’s why we built a retail food construction business that handles every aspect of your project. You won’t have to lasso multiple contractors, but that’s just the beginning. We also prioritize quality, compliance, customer safety, and on-time project delivery.

What you get when you hire Essential Construction

Ensure work is always at or above spec

Save time and money with maximum ROI

Keep customers happy and safe

Get more projects done, faster

Avoid lawsuits and compliance violations

Take a load off and actually enjoy the construction process