Get it fixed and keep customers happy.

Top-notch maintenance services give you a top-notch shopping experience

Is an equipment or infrastructure issue causing problems at your store?


Waiting for repairs costs money. Whether you have a misbehaving freezer, a worsening problem with floors or walls, or some other problem at your stores, waiting for a fix puts you and your customers at risk.

Good news: Fixing these problems doesn’t have to be difficult or costly.

Our team can diagnose the problem, apply the best solution, and help you enjoy the best possible performance from any repair. And we’ll do it ASAP.

What kinds of maintenance?
These kinds and more.

Concrete repair and replacement

Walk-in box repair or replacement

Refrigeration insulation replacement

Reach-in glass door repair and replacement

Cooler and freezer repair

Plumbing walls

Bollard installation

Insert YOUR issue here

You’re in the retail foods business. Not the fix-it business.

In the retail world, the need for maintenance never ends. When lingering problems aren’t addressed, they can become big problems – big expensive problems.

You shouldn’t have to worry about facilities maintenance. You deserve more time to focus on business.

At Essential Construction, we apply decades of expertise to every maintenance issue you face. That way, you can stop stressing about repairs and know customers are getting the best shopping experience.


Keep customers safe and avoid lawsuits.

Equipment and infrastructure issues can pose a safety hazard to customers. They may even increase your risk of a lawsuit.

The solution? Fix them today to protect your customers and your business.

When we handle maintenance at your stores, we ensure all our work is 100% compliant with all health and safety regulations. Best of all, we address the immediate safety hazards that put people at risk.

These businesses are glad they hired Essential Construction


You won’t get band-aid fixes around here. Our team gets to the root of every issue.

Why? Because that’s the only way to mitigate safety risks, minimize lawsuit exposure, and prevent costly problems down the line.

At its best, retail foods maintenance is proactive, not reactive.

Things happen, and repairs have to be made. But with ongoing, frequent attention to common facilities issues, we help you solve problems before they become problems.

The result? Happier customers. Fewer problems. Less money spent on repairs.

Better maintenance gives you results like these

Consistently high-quality workmanship

Safe job sites that don’t put customers at risk

100% compliant repairs

Fast response and turnaround

Turnkey service for all your facilities

Minimal disruptions to shopping

Reduced exposure to legal risks

Avoid many costly repairs

Proactive maintenance that reduces repair costs